Rare Bird spreads her wings at the World Dance Championships in the UK

BLAIRGOWRIE – Local line dancer, Lauren Bird had international audiences enchanted by her as she danced to her heart’s content at the World Dance Championships.

There’s a touch of magic on the dance floor and her name is Lauren Bird, a 22-year-old line dancer who recently took part in the World Dance Championships in Blackpool in the United Kingdom.

The championships had about 24 countries compete with over 1 000 entries.

Lauren Bird and fellow line dancer Dalene Botha show off their winnings from the World Dance Championships. The talented line dancer, who is part of the Rainbow Line Dancers, won first place for solo dancers, second place for the professional/amateur east coast swing, and seventh place for partners routine.

There were eight dancers from the club who participated in the competition and all of them managed to get a top seven rating on the world’s stage. Bird started line dancing about two years ago and sees it as the greatest form of exercise she could do. “I really enjoy it,” she said.

She explained that through dance she has managed to make new friends whom she has joyously had lots of fun with. The ultimate cherry on top is that she gets to travel. In her time dancing, she has managed to visit many of our provinces as well as travel overseas doing what she loves most.

Too often people get caught up in what they cannot do and fall prey to feeling incompetent or less than. If ever you needed encouragement to fiercely follow your dreams look no further.

Bird, a former Casa Do Sol School learner who has Down syndrome and has looked her challenges straight in the eye and said they would not stop her. Her self-belief, coupled with her talent, encouraged her club to make sure she never missed the opportunity to show the world what a talent she is. So, they raised money for her through various fundraisers and some even made anonymous donations to see her achieve her dreams. Her doting father, Ed, whose eyes welled up at the thought of his daughter’s success said even with her special needs she has managed to achieve so much. “It was a tremendous experience to be with her in Blackpool and it was just magical to see her on stage.”

Fellow line dancer, Dalene Botha, who also won awards, praised Bird’s commitment to her craft and added her infectious personality was great to be around both on and off the dance floor.